Talking with your children about Coronavirus

By Mark Vonnegut, M.D.

For most people it’s like a bad cold but it can be dangerous for a few people.

There have been no serious cases in children less than 16.

Closing schools, avoiding large crowds, washing hands more often and the other changes we’re going through are the best way to slow down the spread of the virus.

You and your family are safe and we are all doing all we can to help protect the health of those who are more susceptible and more likely to be harmed by the virus.

Nothing lasts forever.  Eventually all viruses run their course and leave us alone but because this virus is new, we don’t know when that will be.

We’re working very hard to develop a vaccine we have for other diseases or medications that can treat the virus like we have for other diseases, but right now the best way we have to prevent the disease from spreading is avoiding crowds and washing hands.

We’re all doing our part.  Sometimes challenges like this can bring people together and make us stronger.