Every Title but Mom

  • Children

By Jennifer Hooper Moore, CPNP-PC

I have been around children my whole life and more recently have worked with babies and helped families grow comfortable taking home a premature newborn: how to change a diaper, prepare a bottle, breastfeed or swaddle tightly.

I am often asked if I have my own children. “Not yet!” I respond, “But this is good practice!” Now I have the pleasure of working at MVPediatrics with children of all ages – in times of sickness and in times of health.

I am an older sister, a cousin, an aunt and a Pediatric Provider, but not yet a parent.  Our job in pediatric primary care consists of helping parents be the best parent I can be.  We review when to start solid foods, how to treat the common cold or when to expect changes like puberty.  So without children of my own, it can be tough to have hard conversations about parenting without having my own personal experience.

I have studied and worked with kids for many years, but there is always more to learn.  I am grateful for all of the parents I’ve met through work and my personal life.  I learn from parents who have actually lived through sleep training, limiting screen time with adolescents, working with insurance companies and school systems to set up services for children in need.

If you feel like you know nothing as a new parent – there is a lot we can teach you, but I promise there will be much or more that you teach us.  Parents come to the office for advice, but I often also take something away from these visits with families.  It is a blessing to be on this journey together.