If you are expecting a newborn, all of our providers, except for Dr.
Vonnegut, are accepting newborn patients. If you would like to meet
with a physician prior to your newborn’s arrival, please call our office
to sign up for our monthly “Expectant Parents’ Night.”


During this event you can join us and learn about what to expect from
your pediatrician and more about MVPediatrics. It will be an informal
presentation allowing you the opportunity to hear about us and ask our
physicians questions at the end of the session.


When you go to the hospital to deliver your baby, the staff at the
hospital will ask you who you have chosen as your pediatrician. At that
point you tell them that you have chosen our office, and once your baby
is delivered the hospital staff will notify us of the birth. When you and
your baby are discharged from the hospital, you will receive instructions
to make an appointment with our office within 24 to 48 hours.


Approximately two days after delivery, it is important that you (the
parent or guardian) call our office 617-745-0050 so we may register the
newborn and book an appointment. We like to see the new baby within
5 days of coming home from the hospital. If there are any complications
with the newborn, we would like to see him/her within two days of
coming home.


For newborns, you have thirty days to enroll your child under your
health insurance policy. Please make sure your carrier knows the name
of the physician at MVPediatrics who is your Primary Care Provider.

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