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Social and Emotional Support at MVPediatrics

We are committed to the overall wellness of our patients, which includes social and emotional health, family and community support, personal growth, and healthy development. Health care involves both prevention and intervention. We take care of our bodies not only when we’re sick but every day.

Routine care helps prevent many illnesses and creates a healthier baseline for faster, fuller recovery. Similarly, we offer behavioral health resources to all families, to ensure that our patients are equipped with the tools to thrive.

Connecting with others and being part of a group can be a vital part of a child’s emotional well being. At MVPediatrics, we offer a variety of opportunities for “meet-ups” as well as other opportunities for group facilitated learning.

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Reclaiming Childhood
Screen Time Management For Parents
Expectant Parents’ Night
Social Skills & Coping Tricks
Behavioral Health Clinicians at MVPediatrics

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Our clinicians have worked extensively with individuals and families around stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, communication, behavioral issues, grief, school problems, and a range of other life issues.

We offer the following on-site behavioral health services:

  • Individual and family counseling sessions.
  • Outreach calls to new families and parents.
  • Clinicians trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches.
  • Consultations during medical visits upon request.
  • Groups and workshops for youth and families.
  • Referrals for social programs, outside providers, and other supportive resources as needed.
  • Classes and Groups

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